The Perfect Pancake Maker Commercial

You’ve probably seen the commercial for the Perfect Pancake Maker before—a happy go-lucky host shows off all the benefits of a creatively designed pancake pan, but you’re wary of it being another oversold as seen on TV product that doesn’t live up to its promoted value, right? Although the commercial may exaggerate the difficulty of making a pancake the traditional way, the Perfect Pancake Maker certainly does amplify the ease of making pancakes—so much so, you can make double the amount in the same amount of time.


The Perfect Pancake Maker is a creatively designed non-stick pan that simplifies the pancake making process. All you have to do is dispense batter into the pan’s indentations, close the lid, and let the pancake cook on one side. Once that side is cooked, you flip the entire pan over so that the other side of the pancake can cook – no spatula flipping involved!

The Perfect Pancake maker delivers perfect pancakes every time, because the unit ensures that pancakes retain their shape throughout cooking, so you don’t have to worry about splatter mark or unevenly spread pancakes. Although the perfect pancake maker has a lid, it doesn’t smash the pancakes during cooking, so pancakes turn out light and fluffy every time.

The Perfect Pancake Maker comes with a batter dispenser, which makes dispensing the perfect amount of pancake batter a neat and easy task. It also comes with a recipe booklet for delicious twists on pancakes, mini crepes, and other treats that can be made with this device.

The unit itself is very lightweight, so it’s surprisingly easy to flip over and easy to clean. The cooking surface is covered in a nonstick coating, so it wipes clean with a soapy warm sponge—no scrubbing required, even for the usually tough culprits like burnt on batter or cheese. Perhaps the best part of its affinity to not adhere to things is the fact that you can cook healthier in it—no butter or oil required for cooking pancakes, eggs, or anything else you might put in it, and they slide out easily, every time.

Using the Perfect Pancake Maker makes experimenting with breakfast really fun. Before using this, I rarely tried new things with my pancakes, other than the occasional chocolate chip. Now, I try new fruit and nut combinations in my pancakes almost every time I make them, because using this device has made it almost impossible to create a disastrous pancake.

Perfect Pancake Maker Review

Pancakes have been a favorite staple of many kids or adults whether for breakfast or a snack. However, preparing them is quite a chore because of the mess that can come along with the flipping of them in the frying pan, and oftentimes, the pancakes end up looking less appetizing. This is when the perfect pancake maker comes into play.

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The Perfect Pancake Maker: Overview


World’s first pancake maker that is spatula-free, the Perfect Pancake Maker is a kitchen tool that is especially designed to make pancake preparation easier and faster than the traditional way. It is an innovative new cookware that comes with interlocked surfaces to form a perfect flip pan. It comes with a non-stick double-sided surface that allows the flipping of pancakes without the need of a spatula and an always-cool handle for a safe and easy pancake flipping.

As seen on TV, the Perfect Pancake Maker can make four pieces of pancakes per batch of cooking, and each pancake comes out with a perfectly round shape. Besides creating pancakes, the Perfect Pancake Maker is also useful in preparing crepes, sandwiches, and eggs.

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While some people think that they do not need the pancake maker to create pancakes, there are also many individuals who have been on the lookout for a tool like this to get the job done perfectly when it comes to making pancakes.

The Perfect Pancake Maker: How to Use It

Using the perfect pancake maker is easy, fast, and completely fool-proof. Anyone who knows how to use a door knob can easily make pancakes with this tool. Here are a few steps on how to use it.

  1. Just simply pour in the pancake batter into the pancake maker.
  2. Close the handle and wait for a few minutes.
  3. Flip over the pancake maker to cook the other side of the pancake.
  4. Viola! Four perfectly round-shaped pancakes are now ready to be served.

The Perfect Pancake Maker: Features and Benefits

The perfect pancake maker provides numerous benefits to its users, especially those who find it difficult to make their own pancakes. Some individuals just cannot master the trick of flipping a pancake using a spatula, and this is where the perfect pancake maker comes into play to save their day. Here are a few benefits of using the perfect pancake creator.

  • perfect-pancakeWith the non-stick double-sided surface, the pancakes will always come out perfectly shaped. It eliminates the worries of destroying the pancake’s shape when flipping it over. Also, its always-cool handle makes it easy and safe to handle.
  • It creates four pieces of pancake per batch, making it quick and easy to create a big pile of pancake for big families.
  • It also provides evenly cooked delicious, fluffy, and golden-brown pancakes. It does not require the use of cooking oil or butter, making the pancakes healthier without any added fat. However, some people still want to use oil to add an extra taste to their pancakes.
  • Its use is not only limited to making pancakes. It can be used to cook eggs and crepes. It allows cooking four pieces of eggs at a time without breaking the yolks.
  • Since all spots on the pancake maker’s griddle have the same size, one can always expect to get evenly-sized pancakes for each family member. The pancake’s size may not be perfect for everyone, but definitely, it would not be way too small or big, it is just the same size of pancakes served at any breakfast restaurant.
  • With the non-stick technology, the perfect pancake creator is very easy to clean every after use. This eliminates the problem that most people have when making pancakes – the possibility of getting messy.
  • Getting the perfect pancake creator comes with free extra kitchen items, such as a batter dispenser and a cookbook that can also help in preparing the perfect pancakes.

Batter dispenser

This tool makes it easy to put the batter on the pancake maker’s griddle. This also eliminates batter spills all over the kitchen counter top while preparing the pancake.

Pancake Cookbook

This cookbook is comprised of numerous special pancake recipes. Some of its unique pancake recipes cannot be found on the Internet.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Perfect Pancake Maker is one great kitchen tool that can help get the pancake-making job done efficiently and effectively. Definitely, it is a product that one should have to make a perfect pancake at home. With a very affordable price, many households consider it as a good steal. Moreover, it makes a good gift for those who love pancakes but hate to cook them.