Captain America Waffle Maker Reviews

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Vibranium may not be edible, but that do​​​​esn’t mean you can’t eat a replica of Captain America’s shield. If you’re ​​​​a fan of the MCU and waffles, take a look at this Captain America waffle maker. 

While superhero movies have been making huge waves through pop culture, it only makes sense that there’s more than enough merchandise to match. Captain America, in particular, has had quite a bit of merchandise made in his honor.

This merchandise includes kitchenware – and, more specifically, waffle makers.

Have you ever wanted to eat a waffle that comes in the shape of Captain America’s famous vibranium shield? With this officially-licensed product, you can.

History of the Captain America Waffle Maker

Captain America Waffle Maker

Captain America has been in print from Marvel comics almost continuously since 1941, with a short break from 1950 to 1964. In the comics, Captain America was created to punch Nazis and drum up support for the US’ involvement in World War II.

Captain America uses a round, vibranium shield to fight. This shield has a white or silver star on a blue field in the center and is surrounded by two red stripes with a white or silver stripe in between. The shield is virtually indestructible and was eventually also used by Bucky Barns and The Falcon, both of whom took on the mantle of Captain America in the comics.

In 2008, Marvel Studios released Iron Man, featuring Tony Stark, as played by Robert Downey Jr. this movie marked the beginning of phase one, which included the 2011 film, Captain America: The First Avenger.

Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, is portrayed by Chris Evans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is much loved by fans. He’s appeared in several films since the initial title, including Captain America: The Winter SoldierMarvel’s The Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War.

The movies, now part of the Disney franchise, have been wildly popular. Avengers-themed merchandise includes children’s toys and kitchenware, targeting both its young audience and adults who may have been fans for much longer than the films have been out.

Interestingly, the first electric waffle maker made its debut from General Electric in 1911, about thirty years before Captain America was first published, and waffle irons have been in use since the 1300s.

Waffle irons for years used just a simple honeycomb pattern, sometimes affectionately known as syrup traps or holders.

Now, you can find a number of different types of waffle makers – from romantic heart-shaped ones to ones that portray your favorite superhero or comic strip character.

With the increase in popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney released a Captain America waffle maker, allowing you to make waffles in the shape of Steve Rogers’ famous shield.

What Is the Captain America Waffle Maker and How Does It Work?

The Captain America waffle maker is a fairly standard waffle maker, 7 inches in diameter with two round non-stick plates. It has an indicator light, letting you know when the iron is hot enough to use.

To use the Captain America waffle maker, you plug the device in and wait for it to heat up. Once hot, you apply non-stick cooking spray or cooking oil to both plates, then put about a third of a cup of batter into the bottom plate and close the device.

In about 5 minutes, you’ll have a perfectly golden-brown waffle.

The Captain America waffle maker is unique in that it has the standard honey comb pattern on the top plate and a design that replicates the star and circle found on Captain America’s shield.

The waffle maker is large enough that the shield design holds up well in the cooking and removing process, giving you a perfect edible replica of the shield every time.

The waffle maker is manufactured by Select Brands, a company that specializes in small kitchen appliances, such as toasters and waffle makers. The company makes a number of different waffle makers, most of them branded in some way or another.

Select Brands also makes other novelty kitchen appliances, such as a cake pop maker.

What Makes the Captain America Waffle Maker Unique

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The waffle maker is a fairly standard design for waffle makers of its type. It’s one option of several Avengers-themed designs, but the only Captain America specific one. The waffle maker is great for kids of all ages.

If you’re looking for a gift, this would make a great addition to any Captain America fan’s house.  Because it uses the standard round shield with a star in the center, it works for fans of both the comic books and the movies.

The fun design lends itself well to food dye, and a careful artist may even be able to replicate the shield’s distinctive red, white, and blue color pattern in the waffle maker.

It’s somewhat more expensive than plain waffle makers. For the same amount of money, you could buy an extra-large waffle maker or one with additional features such as temperature control or removable plates.

When looking at other geeky waffle makers, it’s comparable in price. Most round single-character or single-image waffle makers are very affordable – whether it’s Mickey Mouse, the Death Star, or BB-8.

The waffle maker has an advantage over some of them in that it uses the full diameter of the cooking plates. Some of the other novelty waffle makers only use a small portion of the cooking plates for the image.

For other Marvel-themed cookware, there is an Avengers-themed waffle maker, also manufactured by Select Brands.

This waffle maker creates four square waffles, honey comb pattern on one side and superhero icon on the other. This waffle maker has icons from The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. It also has adjustable browning control, which gives you more control over how well-done the waffles are.

Public Perception

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The waffle maker has been a big hit with fans of waffles and Marvel alike. Due to its niche audience, it hasn’t made many waves outside of Marvel fans. However, with the popularity of the Avengers movies, it’s still a well-loved waffle maker.

The deep grooves for the shield pattern mean the shape comes out clearly every time. The waffle maker is also easy to use, following the same simple design of most electric waffle makers.

The two chief complaints from users seem to revolve around the simple design.

The first complaint is that it’s difficult to clean. The nonstick baking plates cannot be removed, meaning it can be difficult to thoroughly clean the device as you should never soak it in water. More advanced waffle makers feature removable plates, allowing for easier cleanup.

Further, it doesn’t have a timer. This means you need to keep a close eye on the waffle maker to ensure that the waffles don’t burn. Some users were able to use the indicator light as a reference, but it’s an imperfect method.

There were some reports of issues when adding berries or chocolate chips to the batter before cooking.

Like with other waffle makers, you can use it for other applications as well. Some users have reported success in heating up or cooking quesadillas or sandwiches in the waffle maker. No one commented on whether or not the shield pattern came out on the sandwiches.

How It Compares

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The waffle maker is a fairly standard mid-range waffle maker. While it’s a little more expensive than most comparable models, it’s well-built and cooks fantastic waffles every time. Select Brands may not be the most well-known name in kitchenware, but it’s a reliable brand.

If you’re looking for a high-end waffle maker with all the bells and whistles, this isn’t going to be for you. You can find a larger waffle maker that has a timer and browning control for just a little more money at most kitchenware stores.

However, people don’t buy this product because it’s the best waffle maker on the market. People buy this waffle maker because they want to have waffles that are shaped like Captain America’s shield.

While there is one other Avengers-themed waffle maker out there, as well as other geeky waffle makers, this is the only one that is specific to Captain America.

Because most of the themed waffle makers seem to be from the same company, you can rest assured that you’ll have tasty waffles no matter which character you choose.

Which Waffle Recipe Works Best?

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Of course, a waffle maker is only really as good as the batter that goes into it. Many waffle makers come with a recommended recipe, or you can find plenty of options on the internet – ranging from basic batter you can whip up right before cooking to overnight batter that needs to be made at least the night before.

While the exact waffle recipe you use will boil down to personal preference, there are some techniques you can use to ensure that the waffles turn out great.

Generally, batters with a thicker consistency tend to do better in waffle makers than ones with a thinner consistency. Thinner batters tend to run out of the waffle maker and down the sides before they’re fully cooked.

You’ll need a batter that rises at least a little bit when cooked, not only to get the fluffy texture that waffles are known for, but also to ensure that both sides of the design come through.

Even though the plates are non-stick, you should still apply cooking oil to both plates before adding the waffle batter. This helps prolong the life of your waffle maker and help the waffles come off with ease.

It may be tempting to add a lot of batter, but you’ll only slow down the cooking process and likely make a mess while doing it. Err on the side of less batter if you want less mess. It may take a couple of tries to get the perfect amount of batter that doesn’t spill and fills in the plates, but they’ll taste great regardless.

Some users reported issues when trying to use mix-ins such as berries or chocolate chips, reporting damage to the waffle maker. If you’re concerned, you may want to add the berries or chocolate to the top of the waffle once it’s done cooking.

Be sure to not use metal cooking utensils on the non-stick surface of the waffle iron. Like with any non-stick pan, damaging the surface can cause food to stick or have other unintended consequences.

What We Think

This is a fantastic waffle maker, both for the quality of waffles it produces and the fun it provides. It’s a novelty item that’s meant to appeal to Captain American fans. It also does a great job of making waffles, making it a great investment for your kitchen.

If you’re a fan of Marvel and enjoy waffles, this is a fantastic choice for a waffle maker. If, however, you’re looking for a high-quality waffle maker that will produce a large number of waffles in a short period of time, you should look elsewhere. 

Other Captain America Merchandise

If you’re waffled-out or if you’re looking for something else with the same theme to add to your collection, you should check out this additional Captain America merchandise:

  • cutting board
  • coffee maker
  • toaster
  • BBQ tool set
  • slow cooker
  • popcorn popper

No matter your favorite food or cooking utensil, you can celebrate your favorite Avenger with pride.

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