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Waffles are one of the best breakfast foods we can think of once you add syrup. The crisp exterior and deep pockets for holding it make them superior to pancakes in every way. Making waffles at home is a mild challenge if the only options you have are a cheap waffle maker or frozen waffles. Stopping off before work or running out to pick up fresh waffles is not ideal either.

The solution is simple; buy a quality waffle maker for your kitchen. The wonderful people at Presto solved this problem for you. They manufacture excellent waffle makers that fit into any kitchen and work well with any budget. One of their waffle makers turns the already awesomely delicious waffle into a waffle bowl you can fill with fruit or whatever suits your taste buds.

We base our reviews on the simple side of things. We look at customer comments to get an idea of how current owners feel about their product, and we consider the price of the product. No amount of warranties or marketing can take the place of what actual owners think about a product and how well they rate their experience.

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Presto Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Presto Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

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Presto Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

Presto Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

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Deluxe Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Deluxe Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

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Overview of Presto Waffle Makers

Presto only offers two waffle makers, and one of them is a specialty waffle maker designed to create waffle bowls. Deciding which one to buy is not much of an issue. The real choice is choosing to buy a Presto waffle maker over a more expensive brand. We think you’ll find our review highlights the reason this economy waffle maker is just as good as any high-end waffle maker on the market.

Presto Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Presto Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Image Source: Amazon

This is the primary offering from Presto. This is one of the best economy waffle makers available. You can order one from Amazon for $39.90. That’s a super low price when you consider most waffle makers with the features this one has sell for at least $125 or more. You could easily buy one for yourself and as gifts for a few close friends or relatives.

You don't have to wait very long to get started once you decide you want a waffle. This waffle maker heats up faster than most irons on the market and keeps the heat consistent based on your settings. You won't get a waffle that's crispy on one edge and soft on the other side. That may not seem like a big deal, but it's rare to find an electric griddle of any kind that cooks evenly.

To add to the fun and perfection, after you add the batter to the waffle iron you can close it up and rotate it, so the batter flows evenly from one waffle iron to the other. The result is a fluffy waffle that has all the required pockets you need for your favorite waffle coverings. Syrup, whip cream, fruit, and fruit jellies are meant to go into the waffle pockets, not run off onto the plate.

The built-in timer makes sure you cook the waffle correctly based on your waffle needs. Yes, we said waffle needs because waffles are essential. It takes less than a minute for the waffle maker to heat up and be ready to accept your waffle batter. Once it reaches the right temperature and you add the batter, you only have to wait three to five minutes, based on how you like your waffle until it's done.

In short, it makes a waffle in five minutes so you can provide waffles for the whole family in less than thirty minutes. That way everyone gets a hot waffle and can enjoy their breakfast together with the rest of the family. On a side note, the speed of this waffle maker and its low cost make it ideal for small local breakfast restaurants to use or churches.

Once you are done making waffles, you can clean up the waffle maker quickly because every surface except the plastic parts is nonstick. It folds up, so the waffle iron area stands above the legs when not in use. That makes this waffle maker ideal for small kitchens, dorm rooms, or RVs since it takes up very little space unless you’re using it.

Compared to other waffle makers, the Presto waffle maker doesn't cost much, doesn’t take up much space, and it will cook a waffle in five minutes or less. That’s really all you need to know to determine this waffle maker is worth the money. At the same time, it’s made from high-quality materials and backed up by years of experience making kitchen appliances, and a warranty of course.

Presto Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

Presto Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

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To many, this may seem like a gimmick, but we think it's one of the coolest waffle maker ideas we've seen. It creates a four-inch waffle bowl that you can fill with anything you feel like putting in it. Fill it with fruit or syrup, or get creative and make a breakfast waffle bowl filled with scrambled eggs and sausage. The options are only limited by your imagination and taste buds.

You could use this waffle bowl maker to create other treats as well. Some owners reported successfully making cake bowls utilizing a variety of cake batters. A few customers tried other things ranging from shortcake bowls to biscuit dough bowls. Most reported some degree of success with cake bowls being the easiest to create. We think someone should try a waffle taco at some point.

You can order one from Amazon for $24.90 and get started with your own ideas. It cleans up quickly using a wet rag and can be stored anywhere a small coffee maker would fit. Like Presto's waffle maker, it heats up quickly and has a timer to help you cook the waffle bowls the way you want them without the risk of overcooking the waffle bowl.

What Makes Presto Waffle Makers Standout? 

Money is always an issue these days, so finding a high-quality waffle maker at an economy price is one of the best features the Presto waffle maker offers. That said, getting a seven-inch extra thick waffle in five minutes is a high selling point as well. There's no downside to owning one of these except the constant urge to make waffles.

The waffle bowl maker makes an impression on its own. It lets you create cool waffle bowls you can fill with anything you want from normal things like syrup all the way to creating a breakfast in a bowl using eggs and sausage. Like the Presto waffle maker, it cooks the waffle bowl quickly and produces a four-inch bowl in five minutes or less.

The final feature we think makes these waffle makers a bit better than their competition is the easy cleanup. You don't need to take them apart and run them through the dishwasher or hand wash them. Just wipe down the cooking surface after you're done, and it's ready to be stored. The exterior of the waffle maker and the waffle bowl maker clean up just as quickly.

What do Customers Say? 

round belgian waffles with strawberries and blue berries

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A primary concern when purchasing anything is current customer opinions. The cost of the item is important, but a good deal is worthless if you can't use the product or it breaks right away. Regardless of our experience with a product, we always check to see how other customers feel about a product and how they rate their experience.

For the most part, everyone that owns one loves Presto waffle makers. Many of the customer comments we found used the words “love it” and “don’t know how I got by without one.” That says a lot about a product. The easy cleanup and small storage footprint were key reasons customers like these waffle makers. The most talked about feature is how you can go from batter to waffle in less than five minutes.

We did see a few negative comments, but they were almost always in a pros and cons type of statement. Owners wrote about the things they liked and disliked in the same review which only added to our high opinion of these waffle makers. The negative remarks we saw related to the need for more option like double waffle makers or larger, sometimes smaller, waffles.

None of the negative comments we found claim the waffle makers performed poorly. Most of them just asked for more features. A handful of people had issues cleaning the waffle bowl maker, especially if they got waffle batter in the hinge area where the top attaches to the bottom portion. Still, these are user problems and not flaws in the waffle makers.

How do They Compare to Their Competition? 

Deluxe Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Image via Amazon

Specialty waffle makers like the ones that make waffles in shapes aside, Farberware, Oster, and several other kitchen appliance makers have some great products on the market. You can buy a waffle maker from a number of manufacturers that make one to six waffles, and they offer many of the same features across the lot. They cost a lot more than the Presto waffle maker, however.

If you need to make dozens of waffles, the Presto waffle maker isn’t the best choice for you unless you buy ten of them. You’re better off buying one of the other waffle makers that make multiple waffles at once. If you just need a waffle maker for your family, Presto is the way to go. Unlike other waffle makers, they don't weight much, and they don't take up valuable counter space.

Unless you just have to have the Deluxe Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker, and no one will blame you if you do, Presto waffle makers will handle most of your waffle needs. If you already own a waffle maker, try the Presto waffle bowl maker to add some fun to your breakfast routine. It’s one of the coolest things we’ve seen in kitchen appliances.

What We Think 

We think the Presto waffle makers are dependable and affordable, and customers agree with us. We like the fact that we can have a waffle on our plate in five minutes or less. No one wants to wait for their waffle. They clean up just as fast as they cook waffles, and you can store one almost anywhere. The investment is less than $50 as well.

The waffle bowl maker is our favorite waffle maker from Presto. It adds a new dimension to breakfast waffles and, frankly, makes waffles more fun. You can put anything you want in the bowls it makes from eggs to syrup. As a bonus, you can use the waffle bowl maker to create other tasty treats using a variety of things including cake batter.

Our Final Thoughts 

Eating waffles every morning is probably a bad idea for several reasons. So, having a waffle maker that doesn't take up much room is a big bonus because you don't need easy access to it all the time. The Presto waffle makers store easily, so you only need to put them on your counter when you're making waffles. They can be stored in any cabinet or pantry area where a small coffee maker would fit.

Our short opinion is: buy one, and you'll enjoy owning it. It makes extra thick waffles which is part of the appeal for us. Don't forget to track down a good recipe for Belgian waffle batter before you start making waffles. Box mixes are fine, and most taste ok, but no waffle tastes as good as a true homemade waffle. We suggest trying this reci​​pe or this one. You’ll be surprised how much better your waffles taste.

You can order the Presto waffle maker and the waffle bowl maker for less than $100 from Amazon. They’ll serve you waffle making needs for years and don’t require a lot of effort to clean up. If you’re looking for a waffle maker suited to a small family or small kitchen, Presto has what you need. If nothing else, try the waffle bowl maker. We think you’ll love it.

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