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Protein is an essential nutrient when it comes to your health, and even more so those who have regular fitness routines. Proteins help repair muscles, so people flock to foods rich in the stuff when they're trying to improve their health and boost their lifestyle. In the process, many other foods end up tossed to the side to help cut out empty nutrients and calories.

Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes: Flapjack and Waffle Mix Whole Grain Buttermilk Net Wt. 4.5 lbs (Three 24 Ounce Pouches)

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Pancakes are one of those foods, as are most things sweet. When it comes to getting serious about your health, cutting back on carbs tends to be a high priority on everyone's minds. It's easy to feel bummed out when your breakfast options become limited.

To help try and solve this problem, protein enthusiasts have come up with ways to put a little bit of healthiness into these favorite foods. 

Pancake mixes that involve protein powder and other supplements have become a favorite do-it-yourself type of recipe, letting those trying to improve and maintain their health still have a little indulgence in the breakfast arena.

In the end, though, merely adding protein powder to a pancake doesn't create an appetizing situation. The result isn't awful, but it doesn't quite capture what makes pancakes so delicious. However, various protein pancake mixes have entered the market, trying to bring the two realms of food together.

Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes: Flapjack and Waffle Mix Whole Grain Buttermilk Net Wt. 4.5 lbs (Three 24 Ounce Pouches)

image via Amazon

Kodiak pancake mix is one of the hot options on the market right now that's attracting the attention of health enthusiasts and fitness influences alike. So how well do these pancakes stack up?

What Are Kodiak Pancake Mixes and What Do They Do?

First up, Kodiak pancake mix is one of many products from Kodiak, a Utah-based company. Their products focus on providing healthy meal options that range from toaster waffles to brownies in a cup. One of their most extensive product lines is, without doubt, their pancake mixes, which come in three types.

Kodiak Power Cakes

Well known as part of the protein pancake world, Kodiak Power Cakes set out to do just what many people hope to accomplish when putting protein powder in pancakes: providing a healthy alternative to a breakfast that many people feel the need to abandon when it comes to keeping up their health.

With low sugar and levels, moderate carbs, and high levels of protein depending on how you prepare them, this pancake mix is also non-GMO and makes no use of artificial preservatives. Kodiak also makes their Power Cakes with whole grain wheat flour, which adds an extra layer of fiber that many other protein pancake mixes don't include.

The available flavors for Kodiak Power Cakes are:

  • Butter​​​​milk
  • Cinnam​​​​on Oat
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter
  • Almond Poppy Seed
  • Chocolate Chip

Kodiak Energy Cakes

Though less talked about when you investigate Kodiak pancake mixes, their other available line is in Kodiak Energy Cakes. On the surface, Energy Cakes have a lot of similarities to their Power Cake counterparts: non-GMO, whole grain wheat flour, low levels of carbs and fat, no artificial preservatives; arguably, these traits are all good ones for a healthy pancake mix to have.

However, Energy Cakes don't focus on protein as much, though they do have some. Instead, Energy Cake mixes are about, as the name suggests, providing a wholesome way to start your day with energy. To accomplish this goal, Kodiak has created a pancake mix that has various B vitamins and superfood ingredients for a natural energy source.

The available flavors for Kodiak Energy Cakes are:

  • Buttermilk and Chia
  • Pumpkin and Flax

Frontier Cakes

While both the Power and Energy Cakes have more focused health goals in mind, there are also Kodiak's Frontier Cakes, which are the company's original recipe. Still making use of whole grain flour and oats, this line of pancake mix is still healthy in comparison to other, generic brands of mixes.

These closer to the standard range of pancake mixes have a little less protein than the Energy Cakes, but they do retain their non-GMO status. Some of the products include real honey to help accentuate the flavor. The original Frontier Cake recipe has been around for over 20 years as the company's flagship product and served as the initial inspiration for the founder.

The available flavors for Kodiak Frontier Cakes are:

  • Whole Wheat, Oat, and Honey
  • Buttermilk and Honey
  • Rocky Mountain Oat


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Though the core recipe of the mix itself is a bit different than you'd find in your generic pancake box, the process of cooking them is comparable. Merely adding the instructed level of water gives you the batter, which is then ready to start preparing, though the recommended liquid level may seem a bit runnier than what you may expect from pancake mix. If so, this is an easy enough portion to adjust.

If you don't want to settle for water, all types Kodiak pancakes also allow you to include milk to eggs in the batter. The box also includes easy instructions on how to portion these alternatives out as well, making a straightforward process.

When it comes to cooking, Kodiak makes a mix that's easy to keep as a round pancake, so the final product looks good (even for people who generally have trouble keeping their pancakes in one piece). They do, however, bubble a little less than other mixes, so you'll want to keep an eye out so that you don't accidentally burn one side.

Protein Levels

Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes: Flapjack and Waffle Mix Whole Grain Buttermilk Net Wt. 4.5 lbs (Three 24 Ounce Pouches)
  • Kodiak Cakes: Power Cakes, 100% Whole Grains
  • Flapjack and Waffle Mix: Protein Packed
  • All Natural, Non-GMO, Whole Grain Buttermilk. Just add water.
  • 14 g Protein, 5 g Fiber; No Added fat or Cholesterol
  • Contains 3, 24 oz Pouches, Net Wt. 4.5 pounds

Especially when it comes to the Power Cakes, the protein level is likely to be the main nutrient level of concern for many people. Since that's the purpose of the Power Cakes, they have the highest protein amount per serving at 14 grams. The Energy Cakes have 10 grams per serving, while the classic Frontier Cakes have 8.

Those numbers are, however, the default protein values when prepared with water. Including milk adds 4 grams, while putting in milk and eggs boosts the count by 7. For the Power Cakes, that combination makes it possible to get up to 21 grams of protein per serving, and even the Frontier Cakes can make it 15, which means you get a decent spread of protein across the board.

Taste and Fluffiness

Naturally, the variety of flavors throughout the different lines all have their impact. The whole grain flour recipe adds a unique twist of taste no matter what box you pick up. While it does taste different than a traditional pancake and the buttermilk Power Cake flavor doesn't have as much as the sweetness you may expect, the taste is still solid and satisfying.

Fluffiness is also something to consider when picking out any pancake mix, and Kodiak's are no exception. While not entirely on the level of a flapjack, these products tend to make moderately fluffy and somewhat denser pancakes. Whether or not that's a make or break factor for you will depend on your personal preferences, and there are fluffier health pancakes out there if Kodiak's aren't to your taste.


For those that like having a product that can pull double or even triple duty, Kodiak's pancake mixes don't just have to be for flapjacks. These products are flexible enough that you can use them in any number of other baked goods and still get delicious results. Bread, muffins, cookies, and donuts are all options, though you could also purchase Kodiak's other products geared towards these items as well.


When it comes to pricing, what you find will vary a bit across the market. The official Kodiak pancake mix listings on their website put the 20 oz box, while many in-store and online listings drop below $5. As it stands, this is still roughly twice as much as what you'd typically pay for standard pancake mix, and somewhere in the middle of other protein infused brands.

Considering the level of protein and taste, though, about $5 a box isn't an unfair amount to pay for specialty food. Even so, bulk is the way you want to go when it comes to Kodiak's Power Cakes, and there are some excellent packages you can get through places like Costco or Amazon. Doing a little shopping around is worth it, especially if you find that this is the protein pancake mix for you.

Public Perception

Kodiak pancake mix has stirred up quite a buzz in the health world, and it has enthusiasts flocking around it from all angles. Those who enjoy Power Cakes are fans of the high protein level per serving, the easy preparation, and the taste. The variety of flavors available in their protein line is also a bonus.

On the other hand, there are those that find that the taste isn't right for them, which isn't surprising when dealing with food products. The moderate fluffiness level also seems a detractor for many, as well. In the end, as with any food, it's for the best to try it yourself and see if it's suited to your tastes before picking up a bulk set.

How It Compares

Several other protein pancake mixes are on the market, all with their balance of flavor, fluffiness, and protein. Lions Pack and MetRx rank a bit higher on the flavor and fluffiness scale, though only Lions Pack matches up with Kodiak when it comes to the same level of protein per serving. This brand also has a comparable number of flavors, though Kodiak is developing more as time goes on.

Regarding value, Birch Benders has the best price per serving ratio, making the investment worth it, and with a higher protein ratio with 16 grams per serving. However, their selection of flavors is lacking, and they're more of a flapjack than the fluffiness you may want from a pancake.

Even with that in mind, the Flapjacked Protein Pancake Mix has even more protein, with 20 grams per serving. This level is easily one of the highest on the market, and it balances out regarding taste, texture, and variety of flavors. However, all that protein comes at a price of a higher cost per serving.

FlapJacked Protein Pancake and Baking Mix, Buttermilk, 12oz
  • 1 Bag - 12oz Buttermilk Protein Pancake & Baking Mix
  • Mighty macros! Each serving gives you 20g of protein, with under 20 net carbs and just 200 calories. No added sugar and no artificial ingredients!
  • Breakfast. Pre-workout. Post-workout. Second breakfast. Leg day. Midnight snack. Enjoy pancakes anytime of the day as a warm, fresh alternative to protein bars, shakes and jerky.
  • Easy to make! Just add water and cook over low heat to make protein pancakes or use as a high-protein flour substitute in your favorite recipes.
  • Issues with your order? Want tips on cooking? Looking for other flavors? We're happy to help in any way we can. Contact us at if you aren't 100% satisfied and we'll make it right!

Another standout feature for Kodiak is that a portion of sales of all their products goes towards conservation efforts across the country. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the quality of the product, but if you want to support wildlife in the process of enhancing your breakfast, Kodiak is unique in that realm versus other brands.

What We Think

When it comes down to it, picking out what pancake mix is right for you comes down to your tastes; There might be a better choice out there for you when it comes down to it. However, we enjoy the overall combination of value, taste, and grams of protein per serving in both varieties of Kodiak pancake mix, which gives it a passing grade in our book.

The Power Cakes line does excellent work when it comes to bringing together simple preparation and protein accessibility, plus the growing level of flavors available as time goes on makes it fun to see what Kodiak will come out with next.

On the other hand, the Energy Cakes line, while smaller, brings in less protein, but also provides excellent levels of vitamins to ensure a healthy and filling breakfast. Even the classic Frontier Cakes gives you a healthy and filling alternative with some excellent nutritional value in a pancake.

Though they might not be the most flavorful of health-conscious pancake mixes out there, we like Kodiak mixes' flexibility for use in other foods besides pancakes as well, plus the whole-grain recipe adds even more appeal. Overall, we'd recommend at least trying out them to see if it fits your palate—it's not like it'll hurt to try an alternative to protein-powder filled pancakes.


As mentioned, looking for bulk purchases is the way to go. While picking up the 3.75-pound package off Amazon may seem like a good option, it's not the best deal available. While it's certainly less than ordering three separate boxes from Kodiak itself, looking for multi-box deals may yield you better results. As with anything, shop smart and see what you can find.

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